Welcome to the Live Like Line Foundation

About Us

Board of Directors

Kathy Bresnahan

    former head volleyball coach at Iowa City West (brez6258@gmail.com)

Ann Feldmann

   former assistant superintendent for Iowa City Schools (felemann1112@gmail.com)

Jan Leff

   former teacher and school board  member for Iowa City Schools (jaleff@mchsi.com)

Pat Smith

   former HR director for UIHC (pster45@gmail.com)

Caroline Found

This organization was established to honor Caroline Found, an all-state setter for Iowa City West High School.  Caroline, or "Line" as she preferred to be called, led her team to the school's first ever volleyball championship in 2010, her junior year in high school.   Tragically, Line never got the opportunity to lead her team to another championship run her senior year because she was involved in a fatal moped accident during the first week of practices.

Caroline worked extremely hard to be a great athlete and leader but that's only a small part of what made her special.  Line was passionate about life and made the most of every single day and she wanted to take everyone else with her on that ride.  She embraced  the disenfranchised, the outcasts, and the kids with special needs. She was everyone's friend.

The Live Like Line Foundation awards up to $250 to recipients that have a financial need to feel included. All that is asked in return is that the recipient "pay it forward" by volunteering some service to others. 

The awards are open to students in the Iowa City Community School District.

Our mission

The purpose of the Live Like Line Foundation is to provide funding to students in the Iowa City Community School DistrIct who need assistance to overcome financial barriers in order to participate in school activities.  Like Caroline did throughout her short seventeen years, we want students to feel included.


Anyone interested in donating to the foundation can make the check out to 

Live Like Line Foundation, 321 MacBride Rd, Iowa City, IA. 52246. 

Or you may visit the following URL to contribute online.